A personal trainer guides us to to achieve our physical fitness goals. A personal coach guides us to achieve our life-success goals.

Patricia Clason and her Associates possess the knowledge, tools and experience to effectively guide you toward clarifying your goals, defining your plan, and developing the personal accountabilty required to achieve both your personal and professional aspirations.

"Do I need a Coach?"

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 7 as to how you struggle with these common blocks to success:
(1= seldom to 7= very often)
_____ Procrastination
_____ Time Management Problems
_____ Building Rapport with Others
_____ Work life / Home life Balance
_____ Negative Self-image
_____ Perfectionism
_____ Stagnation in Comfort Zone or Habit
_____ Lack of Assertiveness
_____ Fear of Failure
_____ Fear of Success
_____ Lack of Organizational Skills
_____ Low Self-confidence
_____ Fear of Public Speaking, Presentation
_____ Anger / frustration
_____ Total

If you score a total of 40 or more, or if you score 4 or more on any single issue, you will likely experience personal and business growth by working with a success coach.

Patricia Clason Coaching Associates
guide you to
clarify your goals,
define a plan,
develop your ability
to succeed
in achieving each
of your goals.

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800 236-4692
for a
Free Coaching

Patricia Clason Coaching Associates are highly skilled in:

Executive Coaching
for corporate executives
Business Coaching
for managers, supervisors
Business Development Coaching
for owners and entrepreneurs
Performance Coaching
for professional and career development
Life Coaching
for individuals looking to increase their satisfaction and enjoyment in their personal life or wanting to achieve a work/life balance

Patricia Clason Coaching Associates
are also highly skilled in:

  • Customized Professional Development Programs
  • Group Facilitation - Strategic planning, Conflict Resolution
  • Group Coaching - Building Cohesive Teams

Patricia Clason Coaching Associates practice within the ethics and competencies endorsed by the
Worldwide Association of Business Coaches