As a Process Expert - Your coach guides Your Journey, yet does not guarantee the results You will accomplish because that is up to You.
A Good Coach constantly learns by honing their skills and using the very tools that they share with You and others. Experience matters.

Remember: Coaches coach. You perform on the field of Your life; in Your business and in Your home. You make things happen! Coaching offers feedback, urges self-examination and self-correction, resulting in greater accountability, achievement and fulfillment.



  • a guide working with mentally healthy people on their goals.
  • a resource and networker, connecting you to people and information.
  • an objective mirror, giving feedback and observations for your consideration - no advice.
  • an advocate for your potential, who encourages you to empower and affirm yourself.
  • a truth teller, with respectful confrontation telling you what you need to hear.
  • a thought-provoker, asking questions you have to answer, a catalyst for your self-insight.
  • the occasional "devil's advocate" who offers another perspective for your consideration.
  • a visionary who is not in your business, home, or occupation, yet can help you see your potential and dreams and hold you accountable to staying on track.


  • a therapist working with the mentally ill, who need healing.
  • a mentor, who has experience in your field and helps you along.
  • a counselor.
  • a healer.
  • a buddy who tells you what you want to hear.
  • a consultant, do-er, solution provider.
  • a Yes Man who agrees with you always.





  • encourage you to find a therapist if you need to work on issues.
  • help you set your goals, define your values and choose action steps and timelines, then holds the possibilities for you so you can see them for yourself.
  • support your commitment to doing it for yourself.
  • help you recognize your desire to be unstuck and supports you in making it happen.
  • guide you to knowing your values and priorities so that you can choose balance in your life.


  • encourage firing your therapist because you only need a coach.
  • tell you what to do, when to do it, or how to do it
    or do it for you.
  • pull you out of when stuck.
  • eliminate stress in your life.