Patricia's Recommended COACHING Books
Items marked with an * are my all time favorites/must read recommendations

The Answer to How is Yes - Berrett-Koehler

A redefinition of leadership, with mentors as artists of encouragement. Sinetar, St. Martin's Griffin, 2001
The Art of the Question - Goldberg   Wiley, 2003
Be Your Own Executive Coach - Delisser How top execs can master communications for improved business and maximum sales. Chandler House Press, 1989
*Change Your Questions, Change Your Life: Seven Powerful Tools for Life and Work - Adams Berrett-Koehler, 2004
The Coaching at Work Toolkit - A Complete Guide to Techniques and Practices - Skiffington (ISBN: 0074711032)McGraw-Hill, 2002
*Coaching for Improved Work Performance - Fournies McGrawHill, 2000

*Coaching for Peak Employee Performance - Foster & Seeker

Highly recommended, includes forms for performance management Richard Chang & Associates, 1999 

Coaching For Performance - Whitmore

A look at coaching as a way of managing, of treating people, of being. Nicholas Drealey Pub., 1996
Coach Yourself to Success: 101 Tips From A Personal Coach For Reaching Your Goals at Work and in Life   Meidaner, 2001

Co-Active Coaching

Founder of Coaches Training Institute offer an effective model for highly successful relationships, especially good for those entering coaching as a profession. Whitworth, Kimsey-House & Sandahl, Davies-Black Pub., 1998

The Handbook of Coaching - Hudson

A workbook for coaches, aspiring coaches, HR people, and visionary executives offering an overview of this fast-growing field that transforms organizations. Jossey-Bass, 1999

The Heart of Coaching - Crane

A roadmap to redeveloping executives and managers into emotionally intelligent coaches. FDA Press, 1998
Leading From the Inside Out: A Coaching Model by V.E. Bianco-Mathis - Hargrave   Bianco-Mathis, Nabors  & Roman; Sage Publications, 2002
Masterful Coaching An interactive dialogue with the reader, outlining core coaching skills with examples of breakthrough results from leading companies. Pfieffer & Co., 1995 
The Portable Coach - Leonard Coach U's founder gives 28 principles to help you shape your life, career, and relationships so they are satisfying and profitable. Scribner, 1998
The Tao of Coaching - Landsberg How to implement coaching in your work environment to enhance effectiveness. Harper Collins Business, 1997