Patricia's Recommended MOTIVATION Books
Items marked with an * are my all time favorites/must read recommendations

*1001 Ways to Reward Employees and
1001 Ways to Energize Employees and
1001 Ways to Take Initiative - Nelson

Workman Publishing, 1-800-575-5521
*The Art of Possibility - Stone-Zander Penguin, 2000

Gung Ho - Blanchard & Bowles

Morrow, 1998
How Full is Your Bucket? - Rath  
Positive Discipline for Teenagers - Nelson & Lott Prima Publishing, 2000
Rewards that Drive High Performance: Success Stories from Leading Organizations - Wilson AMACOM, 1999
The Carrot Principle - Gostick and Elton 2008
Winning the Talent Wars and Managing Generation X - Tulgan W. W. Norton & Co, 2000
Authentic Happiness - Dr. Martin Segilman