What People Say about Patricia Clason's knowledge and presentation skills:


"Our management team retreat was our best ever, thanks largely to the quality of the speakers. Thank you for doing such a great job teaching us about Emotional Intelligence. My brain may have been in hijack mode for a few minutes when you were setting up, and then I rated my availability at 6. My mind immediately shot up to a 10 when you suggested meeting leaders ask for participant’s availability at meetings. What a great and open way to set a tone for meetings! Thank you for making an interesting and informative presentation. Best wishes for continued success." — Ardyth Richmond, Director of Administrative Services, First Weber Group

“I was highly impressed with Patricia’s conversational and personal style. She offered a variety of activities, with meaningful examples that kept my attention throughout the session, including action activities to ensure that we would use the information after class. We want her to keep coming back!” — Dorothy Valentine, Education and Learning Specialist, Harley-Davidson Motor Company  

“I had the recent opportunity to attend the class Emotional Intelligence with Patricia Clason, RCC offered through Marquette University ’s continuing education program.  I can honestly say this was a day well spent.  Patricia had a way of connecting with each of us in the class, was very knowledgeable about the topic, and presented the material in a manner that was both practical and interesting.   Participants were allowed to be engaged and as a result I felt I also learned from others in the class.  We not only received information that included statistics and additional resources to pursue the topic further, but also gained excellent tools for increasing our own emotional intelligence.   Without hesitation I recommend this class.” Carla Smith-Liebich, Senior Assistant Director, Marquette University Office of Student Financial Aid

"Patricia, I enjoyed the workshop today. It was fun and educational at the same time--which is my favorite way to learn. You teach remarkably well and your choice of material is superb. You have created a warm and aesthetically pleasing environment that I was delighted to spend a few hours in. Thank you," — Patti Anderson

"Patricia is terrific. She gave me so many ideas to acknowledge and motivate my staff and many steps I can implement starting right now! She presents in a way that I really want to listen." — Professional Development seminar attendee

"You are a special teacher, your information is interesting, your verbiage is clear, your voice is exciting, your manner is positive, your message is concise. In addition to that I admire how you posture yourself. Very good,very very good!" — Gina, Milwaukee, WI

"Wow, you "blew their socks off" today. Thanks so much for the presentation. Sure opened some eyes, and I'm sure it will cause people to stop and think before they speak or make judgments. I know I have to watch what happens to my eyebrows when a waitress says, "How are you guys doing?" — Participant - Emotional Intelligence: Dealing with Difficult People

"Lots of positive comments from attendees who really appreciated how down to earth your presentation was and how easy it was to follow. Thank you!" — Karen Johnson, Wisconsin Association of Nurse Managers

"Patricia inspired me even before I met her. Her work proceeded her. So I went to a weekend workshop in 2005 and I found more of the real me. I was given tools to use in my everyday life so that when I came home I could continue my work and growth. Patricia has passion for the work she does and it shows in every aspect of her life. I recommend Patricia to anyone that is ready to go on to the next level of their life." — Sonja Isenhart MT,RMT


"Ms. Clason’s talk was very well received and it is evident that she is an experienced speaker. She captivated the audience." — Mary Flanner Strack, Attorney

"These materials are interesting, informative and useful for evaluating own's own ethics, as well as that of clients" — Robert Storm, Attorney

"Her presentation is dynamic and compelling . She has the ability to involve her audience in her topic. I believe the Ethical Type Indicator would be quite beneficial to attorneys.... a very valuable service to the legal community." — Thomas Miller, Attorney

"Your ability to make some difficult pertinent points in a non-threatening way was very much appreciated." — Mary Zajac, Owner, Wellspring Creations

“The Ethical Type Indicator program was a great help in understanding the different ethical types and giving me insights into how to recognize and interact with my business associates." — Ken Boyd, Entrepreneur

"You helped me understand the reasons why I make the decisions I make on a daily basis. You also gave me great insights into my customers that will take me to new levels of success in my career."— Mark Henschel, Prudential Insurance

“The most valuable insight that you offered was about going beyond conditioned reflexes into reflective thinking." — Dana Burke, Consultant, Mind Your Business

“We found the Ethical Type Indicator to be both introspective and informative – and we r eally enjoyed your interpretations and personalized answers to members’ questions.” — Beth Grzesiak, Program Director, Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs


"Your presentation on Cross-Generational Communications was meaningful, useful, well-prepared, thought-provoking and enjoyable." — Laurel Kashinn

“In all my experiences of your presentations, you have shown that you are extraordinarily knowledgeable and insightful. Your content is substantive and meaningful, highly charged with “take home” value. The delivery was crisp and professional, yet electrifying in its effect on audience.” — Rex Coryell, Coordinator, The Executive Committee

“Patricia is remarkable! She can give you the essence and principles in a half-hour presentation or an exciting workshop in several hours. Either way, she’ll make sure you get value and something practical to take with you.” — J Douglas Stewart, PhD, Performance Learning Systems

“I was pleasantly surprised by your fresh approach to the subject. Your psychological approach added depth and went beyond the
“do’s and don’ts” of most training sessions.” — Dan Counigan, Meeting Planners International, MA


"I felt 100% listened to--which was therapeutic in itself. You didn't interrupt or inject any opinions or advice until I had finished and that allowed me to remain on track and focused. The unspoken sense that you were "on my side" was felt on a different level and allowed me to remain honest and open without unnecessary defenses. You did not get emotionally involved, yet I felt you cared. This gave me a feeling of having a rational, mature advocate. You never dominated the interaction, yet facilitated my resolution of the conflict. I never felt rushed or condenscended to. When you pointed out the "accountability factor" and how "he had broken the rules" it triggered recollection of my belief in The Game Theory. It was then that all the pieces fell into place for me. We had both agreed to play the "therapy game" and he broke the rules-- I was merely holding him accountable. HOW SIMPLE IS THAT? I LOVE IT! YOU DID A GREAT JOB!! THE SESSION WAS IMPACTFUL FOR ME! — PA, Milwaukee, WI

"Patricia has helped me move rather easily through the fears and resistances I face in building my business that used to stop me dead in my tracks before. After our coach call, I am once again a locomotive at full steam!" — Jay Edgar, Edgar Resources, Coach 

"Patricia coached me in the areas of time management, organizing projects and tasks, and overcoming some past paradigms. She was instrumental in setting the course for my success in executing my projects based on a time management plan. Additionally, I attended a weekend workshop at her center that served as a catalyst in overcoming some past inhibitors to my personal and professional success.  Patricia certainly played a big role in the success and confidence that I am experiencing today!" - Dorothy Valentine, Consultant

“Thank you for all you did for me. I feel much more confident about marketing. It has become a way of life.” — Colleen Lantzy, Psychotherapist

“The business coaching our management team has received from Patricia Clason has been invaluable! She has helped us to focus on our goals, develop clear processes to achieving those goals and have fun while making it all happen. Patricia has guided us through being a company to becoming a team! I recommend her business coaching to anyone that wants to succeed” — Mark Krause, CEO, Krause Funeral Homes

“I have accomplished more with Patricia’s guidance than I ever could on my own. My dreams became her dreams and together we made them happen. Thank you Patricia!!" — Mary Angela Theys, Unique Plants and Floral

“As a coach, Patricia offers just the right blend of support, assertiveness and a wealth of good information on time management, organization, self-motivation and goal setting to help me stay on track. The coach concept is extremely effective and so is Patricia. I highly recommend her to anyone serious about being accountable for and actually achieving their goals and dreams.” — Laurel Kashinn, Graphic Designer/Writer, Blue Rose Digital

"The design of the session kept the class moving." — Giff O'Donnell

"Very informative and tons of resources offered, very effective. You held my intrest and attention for the full length both days. You are an excellent facilitator. The resources offered were/are phenomenal. The "openness" of the class self-assessments and application role-plays [are what they liked most]. Thank you! This was an excellent class and I strongly recommend it." — Beth Fredrick

"I especially liked the Time Mastery profiles and other self assessment tools. Although practice sessions were sometimes awkward, they were really effective in reinforcing the lessons. Excellent speaker, kept everyone engaged."

"Very good program. Helped me identify the importance of acknowledging different personalities to approach. Definitions of traits (manager, mentor, coach, different profiles) [are what I liked most]." — Jackie Jones

"I enjoyed the class and hope to attend more classes or seminars in the future." — Melanie Martin

Patricia "Has a great deal of knowledge on the subject and shared a lot of resources. Thank you! Two days well spent! Thanks for the resources too!" — Ann Kintopf

"She used a variety of learning/teaching techniques that I personally believe are essential for adult learners. Keeps your attention. Practical application activities. I feel that I am competent to practice what was learned without having the manual in front of me for step by step instruction. Class interaction worked well to enforce skills learned and practice techniques."

"Patricia did a fantastic job - loved her approach. She's very invested and passionate about what she does. Very enriching." — Bonnie Pionke

"Lots of material and concepts to cover. [The instructor was] outstanding, supportive, knowledgeable, interesting and professional. The techniques have real world application. I enjoyed the interactions with the students & Patricia. I learned a great deal and have never worked so hard in a class." — J. Kraeni

"It's a very good class and group discussions." — Chris Srol

"A variety of tools were offered. Instructor was aware of out saturation and didn't push additional information. I am anxious to try the new things I learned. Thank you." — Kathy Schoeder

"I learned some great tools, now I need to put them into practice. She kept us on track. Excellent trainer. Clear balances. She geared her training to different learning styles. I liked the mix of lecture, visuals, handbook and class activities. The program more than met my expectations." — Lynda D.W.G. Mason

"The instructor is a great facilitator, knows how to respond with content, context setting and mini "consultations." She demonstrated that not only academics in understanding but demonstrated her coaching and consulting skills. Very good job." — Participant - Coaching Tools and Techniques